The Process of Installing & Sealing Natural Stone

While re-sealing your natural stone flooring can count as do-it-yourself home maintenance, the initial installation and sealing is another story.

Installing Natural Stone

A talented amateur may be able to handle an inside job like installing tiling in a bathroom. But for outdoor natural stone projects such as fireplaces, floors, patios, stairways or walkways, you’ll benefit from the specialized expertise of an experienced pro. They should be able to:

  • Accurately estimate the natural stone and other materials you’ll need — minimizing costly material overages or inconvenient shortfalls
  • Prepare the site, which may include moving grass, shrubbery or even trees
  • Excavate the location and prepare the bedding for the natural stone, if necessary
  • Move large and extremely heavy natural stone slabs safely — and without breakage
  • Measure, cut, fit and grout your floor and stone tiling
  • Level your outdoor natural stone flooring, walkways and more
  • Adhere to plans so that your finished project looks like the approved design

Sealing Natural Stone

Inside, sealing stone tiles offers protection against moisture or staining. But, it’s important outdoors, too. And, not just on flat surfaces.

Stone on the outside of your house should still be sealed to help repel water. Why? Natural stone absorbs moisture. It’s constantly expanding and contracting depending upon the amount of water it soaks up. This expansion and contraction can stress the mortar joints over time. The result? Cracking or shifting of the joints.

As with installations, a do-it-yourselfer should be able to handle sealing on smaller, inside natural stone projects. Outside, rely on your natural stone contractor to take care of sealing at time of installation.

Re-Sealing Natural Stone

With high-quality sealers, the average application lasts three to five years. However, in high-traffic areas, you may need to reseal natural stone more often. One simple test? Put a drop of water on the stone. If it beads off, then your stone is sealed and does not need to be re-sealed at this time.

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